Galaxy Six Strategies is a diverse group of senior-level communications professionals who share a common goal — providing clients with effective public relations and media training services. Led by longtime communications executive Binay Curtis, Galaxy Six has helped to boost the public profiles of many of the top brands and executives in consumer products, health, technology, venture capital and many other industries.

About Binay Curtis

DSC_0018With more than 20 years in media training and public relations, Curtis combines her on camera experience with her communications coaching to help clients deliver messages effectively. Prior to founding Galaxy Six Strategies in 1999, Curtis worked as a spokesperson and Director at and served as a Media Relations Executive and Broadcast Trainer at Niehaus Ryan Wong. Previously, she held positions at Edelman Public Relations, Muscle & Fitness Magazine and The Daily Herald. She’s been both in front of the camera and behind it, and is well versed on the seemingly little tricks of the trade that lead clients to become outstanding spokespersons and big successes.

More From Our Clients

Binay is a natural – she made me feel completely at ease throughout the media training and ensured all of my personal hot spots were covered – and more. I took so many of her comments on board and I felt so much more confident about dealing with the press and wider public. Put into practice, I was much more comfortable performing pitches and gained many leads as a result.

Karen RudnitskiSr Manager, Product Management, Firefox Mobile

Binay is a lot of fun to work with and does a great job of giving constructive, positive feedback to those she is media training. Every single one of my executives came out stronger than they did going in.

Alicia diVittorioDirector, Communications at Lookout

Binay is a superb media trainer and PR partner. I have worked with Binay in a number of roles and settings, and she always leads by example, instills confidence in her clients, imparts expertise, and shares of her unique perspective. Most recently, my firm hired Binay to help media train executives at a leading financial services brand. She partnered with us to ensure that she thoroughly understood the space and the client, and that she delivered as much value as possible in the limited project scope. She then flawlessly handled a media training session for seven executives she’d never met, with all of them acknowledging that her insight and expertise helped them all become much better spokespersons. I look forward to working with Binay again.

Michael AzzanoOwner, Cosmo Public Relations, Inc.

I would strongly recommend Binay Curtis as a media trainer and communications coach. Her experience as a journalist, PR agent, and company spokesperson, gives her a unique way to see issues from all angles. She covers all the basics and gives detailed personal feedback. If you ever forget what she taught you , she leaves you with a quick tip sheet that is easy to reference.

Gina BaumanVP of Marketing at Institutional Venture Partners

Binay did a terrific job in media training the executive team at Nanosolar. She was well-prepared, enthusiastic and flexible, which is critical when working with executives. What matters most is results, and Binay’s media training resulted in many successful PR interviews and stories following the training.

Brian StoneVP Products, Vlocity, Inc.

Binay is an incredible publicist and is especially experienced and knowledgeable as a media training specialist. Prior to me appearing in two separate TV segments, she gave me a very thorough media training session. This was invaluable, and I felt thoroughly prepared because of it. I attribute the success of these segments to Binay’s training, and I would highly recommend her!

Lynn WernerCEO/Founder at Lynnina, LLC
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