Training Options

Executive Presence

This course teaches the principal elements and styles of communications. During this training, we will cover key techniques for communicating effectively through verbal and non-verbal language and practice these skills in a small group. This workshop is geared towards individuals with no prior public speaking, group presenting or interviewing experience.

Executives will learn how to:

  • Face 1:1 conversations with increased confidence and control
  • Manage different types of personalities in different situations
  • Improve listening skills to shape the conversation
  • Deliver corporate content in a way that is authentic to your style
  • Master appropriate assertiveness techniques

Media Training

Executives will learn how to effectively communicate your company’s message or story across a variety of media interview formats – including broadcast, print, online, offline and social media. We will practice various formats with the camera rolling. After each interview, we will play back the interview and provide feedback and tips. With the feedback, the trainee will go back and try the interview again – until they get it right!

Executives will learn how to:

  • Get quoted correctly, regardless of the setting or time demands
  • Utilize Non-Verbal &Verbal Skills
  • Master techniques for tough interview skills
  • Stick to the message and get invited back for more interview opportunities

Speaker Training

Executives have an excellent handle on their business, but relatively few are familiar with the mechanics of a presentation: the art of telling a good story, effective presentation setup and delivery, what to say and when, how to sit or stand, and how to speak effectively to a large audience. During this workshop, you will learn how to effectively communicate your company’s message across a variety of formats including a panel, keynote or 1:1 presentation.

Executives will learn how to:

  • Mastermind the introduction
  • Organize headlines & content
  • Combine non-verbal & verbal skills
  • Connect with your audience
  • Q&A Techniques

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Training Approach


…how it’s done. View and analyze press clips and interviews with your competitors and other industry spokespeople so you can see what works…and what doesn’t!


…what it’s like to be in front of the camera, on the phone with a reporter and in studio with a news anchor, before hitting national news. Practice in a live studio setting with real reporters and get the instant feedback to you need to hone your skills and leave prepared to handle any type of interview.


…at speaking to the press and leverage your personal style so you master every appearance and get quoted accurately, every time.

Communications Approach

You’ll know it when you meet us. We believe in straightforward communication, coach you to work with press in the same direct way, and connect you with the right contacts who are the best fit to convey your messages. Our approach is quite simple:


We teach executives the art of communication.


We coach spokespeople to deliver messages effectively across all mediums.


We train clients to connect with their audience.

Communications Consulting

At Galaxy Six, we believe in a multi-pronged approach to public relations that incorporates various marketing program elements. We work with clients to find the right blend of programs for their business.

Some examples of our PR services include:

  • Messaging Development
  • Strategic Direction
  • PR 101 Training
  • Content Creation
  • Program Guidance
  • Marketing Planning
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